All the Magic is in the Unexpected

by John Geysen

LetItBeand when the night is cloudy…

Now is the age of over scheduling, overwork, over production and over promotion. With the rise of binge watching, brand gurus, social media ‘experts’ and marketing pundits, the unexpected has  become the most valuable resource of all.

And that does not include an “exclusive” offer or a new font or new talking points. It’s the feeling you get when you are listening to the radio and the perfect song comes on at just the right moment.

It’s true, old school broadcast radio and television, bookstores, record stores, even libraries are doomed. But they had one thing in common. In those places you could find not what you were looking for, what you had researched for months, what you read about on Facebook  but what just seemingly by fate crossed your path and took you in a whole new direction.

So tonight, as I sit here thinking about all the people I’ve lost (too many over these last few months), and “Let it Be” comes in through the static just when I need it, I ask you – how do you create the unexpected?

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