Building an “In-House” Creative Team

by John Geysen

Are you struggling to breakout of that in-house mentality? Do the higher-ups view you and your teammates as production rather than creative?

I am a big believer in the idea that if you don’t like what is being said then change the conversation.

Rebrand Your Team

Go from being seen as an overworked/get it out the door production department and move on to being recognized as creative pro’s.

Here are a few highlights from my creative manifesto to get you started.

The creative team:

  • Embraces a “do more with less” start-up spirit
  • Believes Simple Trumps Complex
  • Lives and breathes every word, image and frame
  • Strives for an elegant and unified blend of media, copy & design
  • Owns projects and pushes the importance of aesthetics
  • Values the insights of experts and research BUT….
  • Trusts their own intuitive understanding of human nature
  • Is certain that fewer “final approvals” is better
  • Envisions a time when the company strives to keep up with us
  • Figures we are doing it anyway – let’s make it look amazing
  • Accepts it as a universal truth that Great Artists Ship.

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